RAAF No.78 Kittyhawk Fighter Squadron

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The Kittyhawk Song

Beside a Papuan waterfall, one bright September day

Beside his shattered Kittyhawk the young pee-lot he lay

and as he hung from a coconut tree , not yet completely dead

O listen to the very last words, the young pee- lot he said

"Im going to a better land, where everything is bright

where whisky grows on a coconut tree play poker every night

with nothing else to do all day but sit around and sing

Il y'a beaucoup and Women too !! O death where ' is thy sting ?

O death where is thy sting a-ling a-ling ?O grave thy victory ?

the Bells of Hell go ting-a ling a-ling for You but not Me

I asked her if she'd marry-marry me but all that she would say

was ting a-ling a-ling , ting a-ling a-ling ting a-ling a-ling all day ."

copyright 2011 - 78 Squadron Association Australia

Lest we Forget

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